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The Bible is  inspired and inerrant. Hermeneutics rooted in grammatical-historical method.  Promise Theology.  Expository preaching-Exegetical Theology with the meaning and message of the Biblical text. "Keep your finger on the TEXT!"

Major Publications:

Books and Major Chapters by Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

1.Classical Essays in Old Testament Interpretation

(Grand Rapids : Baker, 1972) (Eugene, Oregon : Wipf and stock '08)

Cover Classsical Essays '08 cover Classical Evangelical Essays in OT Interpretation

2.Co-translator with Dr. Thomas McComiskey of  I & II Samuel in the New International Version of the Bible(NIV) of the New York Bible Society. (Grand Rapids : Zondervan, 1972)

Title page NIV Bible (See I & II Samuel)

3.The Old Testament in Contemporary Preaching

(Grand Rapids: Baker, 1973). (Chinese ’82).

The OT in Contemporary Preaching coverChinese cover The OT in Contemporary Preaching 

4.The Ugaritic Pantheon (unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, 1973).

Title page  Ugaritic Pantheon WCKaiser's PhD dissertation 

5.Toward an Old Testament Theology ,(Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1978). (Portuguese ’80, Korean ’82, Chinese ’85, Spanish ’00, Indonesian ’00).

Toward an Old Testament Theology coverTOTT cover Chinese cover TOTT Tott cover foreign  Spanish cover TOTT Korean cover TOTTToward An OT Theology

Toward an Exegetical Theology

6.Ecclesiastes: Total Life, (Chicago: Moody Press, 1979.

Ecclesiastes Total Life cover Ecclesiastes Total Living cover  Total living cover ChineseSpanish cover Total Living

(Chinese ’83, Spanish 93)

7.Toward an Exegetical Theology: Biblical Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching ,(Grand Rapids: Baker, 1981).  (Chinese ’85). (Russian '08)

Toward an Exegetical Theology cover Russian cover TOETChinese cover Toward an Exegetical Theology

8.“Israel’s Missionary Call,” in Perspectives on the World Christian Movement ,edited by Ralph Winter and Steven C. Hawthorne, Pasadena: William Carey Library, 1981,25-34.(Indonesian '07)

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement cover Indonesian Perspecives on the World Christian Movement cover

9.A Biblical Approach to Personal Suffering: Studies in Lamentations Chicago: Moody Press, 1982).(Eugene, Oregon : Wipf and Stock)

Biblical Approach to Persoanl Suffering cover Biblical Approach to Personal Suffering cover (newer)

10.Toward Old Testament Ethics (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1983).(Chinese ’87, Korean ’90).

Toward Old Testament Ethics cover Korean Cover Toward Old Testament Ethics

11.Malachi: God's Unchanging Love

(Grand Rapids: Baker, 1984).(Chinese ’93).(Eugene,OR:Wipf,'17)

Malachi Gods Unchanging Love cover Chinese cover Malachi:God's unchanging loveMalachi Gods unchanging love

12.The Uses of the Old Testament in the New (Chicago: Moody Press, 1985).(reprinted,’02).(Chinese ’90).

The Uses of the Old Testament in the New (Eugene, OR.: Wipf and Stock, 2001).

Uses of the OT in the New Testament cover original Chinese cover Uses of OT in the NT Uses of the OT in the NT cover (new)

13. “Exodus "study notes co with Ron Youngblood in New International Version Study Bible , Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1985.

Title page NIV Study Bible (See Exodus study notes) 

14.Quest for Renewal: Personal Revival in the Old Testament (Chicago: Moody Press, 1986). (Korean ’90).

Quest for Renewal Persoanl Revival in OT coverKorean cover for Quest for Renewal

15.Quality Living: Bible Studies in Ecclesiastes ( Chicago: Moody Press 1986), (Korean ’90). English version also has a leader's study guide by  Dana R. Gould available. 

Quality Living: Bible Studies in Ecc. cover Study Guide cover Quality Living Korean cover Quality Living

16.A Tribute to Gleason Archer: Essays in Old Testament Studies, 1986, co-editors Walter C. Kaiser Jr., and Ronald F.Youngblood (Chicago: Moody Press, 1986).

Tribute to Gleason Archer: Essays in OT studies 

17.Have You Seen the Power of God Lately? Lessons for Today from Elijah, (San Bernadino: Here’s Life Publishers ,1987).

Have you Seen the Power of God Lately cover 

18.Toward Rediscovering the Old Testament (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1987). (Chinese ’90).

Toward Rediscovering the Old Testament cover 

19.Hard Sayings of the Old Testament (Downers Grove, IL.: Intervarsity, 1988),(London Hodder & Stoughton , 91) (Finnish '98, Korean ’89, Indonesian ’95, Chinese '97)

Hard Sayings of the Old Testament cover Korean cover Hard Sayings of the OT Hard Sayings of the OT Hard Sayings of the OT cover Hard Sayings of the OT coverHard Sayings of the OT cover

20.The Christian and Old Testament Theology,  (Audio and course Guide. 1989).

21.Back Toward the Future: Hints for Interpreting Biblical Prophecy, (Grand Rapids: Baker. 1989)(Eugene, Oregon : Wipf and Stock '03)

original cover Back Toward the future Cover Back Toward the Future

22."Exodus" in The Expositor's Bible Commentary,Vol 2 (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, (1990).

Expositors Bible Commentary (See Exodus) 

23.More Hard Sayings of the Old Testament,(Downers Grove: Inter-Varsity Press, 1992).(Taiwan: Campus Evangelism Fellowship in Chinese '05)

cover More Hard Sayings of the OT  Chinese cover More Hard Sayings of OT

24.Mastering the Old Testament: Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi,(original title: Communicators Commentary Series),Dallas: Word,1992.

Mastering the Old Testament cover  Preacher's Commentary Mastering the OT cover Commentators Commentary Mastering the OT cover 

25.The Journey Isn't Over: The Pilgrim Psalms (120 – 134) for Life's Challenges and Joys, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1993)

cover Journey isn't over the Pilgrim Psalms 

26.“The Law is God’s Gracious Guidance for the Promotion of Holiness,” in The Law, the Gospel, and the Modern Christian ,edited by Wayne G. Strickland. 1993, 70-75; 150-157; 177-199; 302-308; 393-400. (Indian ’01) (Now called: Five Views on Law and Gospel ,Ed. Stan N. Gundry (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1999).

Law and Gospel cover 5 views Law and Gospel cover Law & Gospel cover

27.An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics: The Search for Meaning Co-author with Moisés Silva  (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1994), (Korean ’96).(Romanian '06)

Introduction Biblical Hermeneutics cover Korean cover Intro. Biblical Hermeneutics Romanian cover Intro. Biblical Hermeneutics

28."The Book of Leviticus: Introduction, Commentary and Reflections," in The New Interpreter's Bible Vol. I, eds. Leander E. Keck, David L. Petersen, et al. (Nashville, TN.: Abingdon, 1994) pp. 983 - 1191.

New Interp. Bible (See Leviticus) 

29.Great Books of the Bible: Proverbs: Wisdom for Everyday Life, (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1995).(Spanish '07)

Proverbs cover Spanish cover Proverbs

30.Great Books of the Bible: Psalms: Heart to Heart with God,  (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1995).

Psalms cover 

31.The Messiah in the Old Testament (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1995).  (Korean ’01).(Chinese '14)

Messiah in the OT cover Korean cover Messiah in OTMessiah in OT in Chinese

32.Hard Sayings of the Bible,   Co-authored with Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., F.F. Bruce, Peter Davids, and Manfred T. Brauch.(Downers Grove, Il.: Intervarsity Press, 1996).(Polish '11) (Spanish '10)

Hard Sayings of the Bible cover Hard Sayings of the Bible PolishPasajes dificiles de la Biblia

33.A History of Israel: From the Bronze Age Through the Jewish Wars (Nashville, TN.: Broadman and Holman, 1998).  (Korean ’03).

History of Israel cover Korean cover History of Israel

34.The Christian and the “Old” Testament, (Pasadena: William Carey Library, 1999).

Christian and the OT 

35.Revive Us Again: Biblical Insights for Encouraging Spiritual Renewal,(Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 1999)(Ross-shire,Scottland : Christian Focus Publications, 2001) (Indonesian '04)

original cover Reive us again Revive Us Again cover (newest) Indonesian cover Revive Us Again

36. “True Marital Love in Proverbs 5:15-23 and the Interpretation of Song of Songs,” in The Way of Wisdom: Essays in Honor of Bruce K. Waltke. Eds. J. I. Packer and Sven K. Soderlund (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2000) pp 106-116.

Cover the Way of Wisdom 

37.The Old Testament Documents: Are They Reliable and Relevant? (Downers Grove, Il.: Intervarsity, 2001). (Greek ’05). Documetos do Antigo Testamento Sua relevância e confiabilidade (Portuguese translation, translator Neuza Batista da Silva São Paulo: Cultrura Cristã, 2007).(Bulgarian '10)(Project Hungary:Budapest, 2018)

OT documents are they Reliable cover  Greek cover OT Documents are they reliable Portuguese cover OT documents are they reliableThe OT Documents are they Reliable and Relevant? BulgarianDocumentele care stau la baza Vechiului TestamentAz Oszovetsegi iratok hitelessege es ervenyessege (Hungarian edition The OT documents reliable

38.Preaching and Teaching from the Old Testament: A Guide for the Church, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2003). (Korean ’04,Chinese '05, Indonesian '03,Portuguese '09,Spanish '10).

Preaching and Teaching from OT cover Preaching and Teaching cover Preaching and Teaching cover Preaching and Teaching From the OT Indonesian Preaching & Teaching From the OT Portuguese Predicacion y ensenaza desde el antiguo testamento

39.Mission in the Old Testament :Israel as a Light to the Nations.(Grand Rapids: Baker:  2000). (Thai ’03).(Korean '05) (2nd edition '11)(Korean'13)

Mission in the OT cover THai cover Mission in OT Korean cover Mission in the OT Missions in the OT 2nd Edition Mission in OT Light to the Nations

40.“The Baptism in the Holy Spirit as the Promise of the Father: A Reformed Perspective,” in Perspectives on Spirit Baptism: Five Views. Ed., Chad Owen Brand,(Nashville, TN: Broadman and Holman, 2004).

Perspecitives on Spirit Baptism cover 

41.Grief and Pain in the Plan of God: Christian Assurance and the Message Of Lamentations(Ross-shire, Great Britain, 2004).

Grief and Pain cover 

42.Joshua study notes in The Renovaré Spiritual Formation Bible NRSV Ed. Richard Foster (San Francisco : Harper, 2005) pp.303-340.

Cover Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible (see Joshua study notes) 

43.The NIV Archaeological Study Bible. Executive Editor (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2006).

NIV Archaeological Study Bible cover  

44.The Majesty of God in the Old Testament: A Guide for Preaching and Teaching (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2007).

Majesty of God in the OT cover Majesty of God...in Chinese or Korean?

45.An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics: The Search for Meaning.2nd Revised Edition. Co author with Moisés Silva, Zondervan, November 2007).

Revised ed Intro. Biblical Hermeneutics cover 

46. Three Views on the New Testament use of the Old TestamentEds. Kenneth Berding and  Jonathan Lunde,  (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008).

3 views on NT use of the OT cover 

47. “Exodus,” in The Expositor’s Bible Commentary. Revised Edition. Eds. Tremper Longman III, and David E.Garland. (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008) pp 333-561.

Expositors Bible Commentary cover (see Exodus) 

48. “Holy Pagans: Reality or Myth?” in Faith Comes By Hearing .Eds. Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson (Downers Grove, IL.: Intervarsity, 2008) pp. 123 – 141.

Faith comes by Hearing cover 

49.The Promise Plan of God: a Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testament(Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008).("11 Brazil)

Promise Plan of God cover  Plano da Promessa de DeusIntro Teologia Da Promessa

50."Foreword" and "Jewish Evangelism in the New Millennium in Light Of Israel's Future (Romans 9-11)"  in To The Jew First: the case for Jewish Evangelism in Scripture and History.  Eds.Darrell L. Bock and Mitch Glaser (Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2008) pp 7-8, 40-52.

To the Jew First cover 

51."Suffering and the Goodness of God in the Old Testament" and "Eight Kinds of Suffering in the Old Testament" in Suffering and The Goodness of God. Eds. Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson (Wheaton, IL:Crossway Books. 2008 pp.47-64,65-78.

SUffering and The Goodness of God


52. What Does the LORD Require?: A guide for preaching and teaching Biblical Ethics. (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2009). (Korean 2009)

What Does the Lord Require cover What Does the LORD Require? Koreanwhat does the Lord Require in chineseWhat does the Lord Require in ChineseOCristao Eas Questoes Eticas Da Atualidade

53.Four views on: Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology: a Principalizing Model: Walter C. Kaiser Jr, A Redemptive-Historical Model: Daniel M. Doriani, A Drama-of-Redemption Model: Kevin J. Vanhoozer, A Redemptive-Movement Model: William J. Webb. Series ed. Stanley N. Gundry, Gen. ed. Gary T. Meadors (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2009.

4 views on Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology cover 

54.Recovering the Unity of the Bible: One Continuous Story, Plan, and Purpose.(Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2009).

Recovering the Unity of the Bible cover 

55. "Ezekiel 37 and the Promise Plan of God: the Divine Resotration of Israel" in Jews and the Gospel at the end of History. A tribute to Moishe Rosen. Kregel: 2009 , 185-199

Jews and the Gospel at the end of history A tribute to Moishe Rosen

56.“Israel and Her Land in Biblical Perspective,”The Old Testament in the Life of God's People: Essays in Honor of Elmer Martens ed. Jon Isaak , (Winona Lake, IN.: Eisenbrauns, 2009) p.245-256.

The Old Testament in the Life of God's People: Essays in honor of Elmer Martens

57. "The Prosperity of the Wicked and the Perspective of the Believer: Preaching and Teaching Psalm 73,” Interpreting the Psalms for Teaching and Preaching:Festschrift for John Davis. eds.  Herbert W. Bateman iv and D. Brent Sandy (St. Louis, MO:Chalice Press:2009)p.98-106 

Interpreting the Psalms for teaching and preaching

58. Preaching and Teaching the Last Things:Old Testament Eschatology for the Life of the Church by Walter C. Kaiser Jr., coming July 2011!  (Korean edition, Baker: Translated Hye Kyoung Kim 2014)

Preaching and Teaching the Last Things: Old Testament Eschatology fo the Life of the ChurchKorean edition of Preaching and Teaching The Last ThingsPreaching and teaching last things ChinesePreach teach last things chinese

59. "The Identity and Mission of the 'servant of the Lord'" in The Gospel According to Isaiah 53 by Darrell L. Bock and Mitch Glaser(Kregel:Dallas,Tx. 2012).

The Gospel According to Isaiah 53

60. Coping with Change: Ecclesiastes(Scotland:Christian Focus,2o13).

Coping with Change: Ecclesiastes

61. Tough Questions aboug God and His Actions in the Old Testament(Grand Rapids:Kregel,2015)

Tough Questions about God in OT


62. Biblical Portraits of Creation:Celebrating the Maker of Heaven and Earth. Kaiser & Dorington G. Little.(Wooster, OH: Weaver Book, 2014).

Biblical Portraits of Creation

63. I Will Lift My EyesUnto The Hills" Learning from The Great Prayers Of the Old Testament.(Wooster, OH: Weaver Book,2015)

I Will Lift My Eyes

64.Love By The Book. Bellingham, WA Lesham Press 2016

Love by the Book

 65. A History of Israel:From The Bronze Age Through The Jewish Wars. Revised Edition, with Paul D. Wegner, Nashville,TN: B & H Academic 2016

History of Israel Revised edition


 66.Jewish Christianity:Why Believing Jews and Gentiles Parted Ways in the Early Church, Silverton, OR; Lampion Press,2017

Jewish Christianity: why believing Jews and Gentiles parted ways in early church


67.The Lives and ministries of Elijah and Elisha: Demonstrating the Wonderful Power of the Word of God, Clarksville, MD: Lederer Books,2019 The lives and ministries of Elijah and Elisha

68. The Majesty of God in the Midst of Innocent Suffering: The Message of Job. Ross-shire, Scotland,2019

Job: The Majesty of God

 69.Walking The Ancient Paths:A Commentary on Jeremiah, with Tiberius Rata,Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2019

 Walking the Ancient paths: Jeremiah

****Many of these works are available from their publishers or can be found at Christian book sellers and even at other on line book sellers such as Amazon. For those publications that are out of print try an interlibrary loan by borrowing a book from Gordon-Conwell Seminary Trinity Evangelical Divinity Schools’libraries. Dr. Kaiser has given many of his publications to both of these schools.